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Build It Consulting & Construction is a Certified Remodeling Contractor Serving all San Diego County

Built It Consulting & Construction has a mission: to deliver top-quality Home Remodeling at affordable prices. We can assure you that we will deliver the best possible service. Knowing that skilled professionals will complete your remodel project is a great way to ensure you get the results you want. Imagen “The home of your dreams”.

We offer only High-Quality Work, The Best Service & Low Prices. Our goal is to make your home comfortable, safe, and efficient. Most contractors start 10 jobs at a time and leave 8 siting. Wondering if anyone cares or will show up!  We are different We only do 1 job at a time with all are focus on you. With a Master Carpenter leading the way, your project will get done right and much quicker. FREE 3D Computer Design, “it is amazing” done by an Award-Winning Expert CKD. (Certified Kitchen Designer) Contact us today to have our designers show your home what it can do! Built It is the best remodeling company around.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

We have the expertise to make your dream kitchen a reality. We can help you design a kitchen layout that makes your kitchen shine, even if you aren’t sure what style, layout, or material to go with.

Our team of professionals has worked on numerous kitchen remodels. We are skilled in working with various materials, including woods, laminates, marble, granite, and tiles. We are experts in kitchen remodeling, from Design, to completion, countertop installation, kitchen cabinet replacement, New flooring, tile backsplash, appliances, We do it all.

We have wonderful cabinets, All wood (no cheep particle board), custom made Factory Built with a car like factory finish, cabinets built according to your requirements. To reduce costs, we can modify your kitchen so that it fits around your appliances. Built It’s pros can transform your kitchen with cutting-edge design and construction techniques.

Amazing Kitchens!


Award winning designs


Low Prices!


High Quality Work!


About Build It

                                The Best Quality, Super Designers, Excellent Service, Great Price!                                         CALL NOW! 619 442-9021 office 619 889-9919 cell. FREE Design FREE Estimate. 

                     We Do Amazing Kitchens! Most contractors start 10 jobs & leave 8 sitting, leaving you wondering when “will the contractor show up? ” And when will your Project get Completed. At Build It We only do ONE job at a time giving you full service and Quick completion time!  We save you money with our low overhead, Giving you the best value. 3D Computer Design (FREE) “It is Amazing” by a CKD award winning kitchen designer.  Website www.builditconstructionsd.com