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Room Addition

Room Addition Means More Space to Breathe

We can add any room to your home, depending on your requirements. Here are just a few examples of home additions that we have done for San Diego residents.

Family RoomSunroomGame Room
Home OfficePlayroom for ChildrenSecond Story Room
Media RoomMan CaveBasement Room
Garage Apartment12×12 or 20×20 room additionsLuxurious Master Suite

Expanding Your Family Space, Back of House Additions

Considering a family room addition to the back of your house? Let’s collaborate! With a plethora of family room addition ideas, Build It Construction ensures a seamless extension of your existing architecture, creating a perfect gathering space for your loved ones.

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Specialized Additions: Living, Laundry & More

Whether you’re dreaming of a spacious living room addition or need a dedicated laundry room, we’ve got you covered. As the go-to room addition contractor near you, Build It Construction crafts spaces that enhance functionality and elevate aesthetics. Build a room addition that mirrors your lifestyle.

Beyond the Main House: Family-Centric Detached Additions in San Diego, CA

Why limit family gatherings inside the house? Explore family room addition ideas that sit beautifully in your backyard. Be it a family room addition to the back of the property or a playroom for the kids, Build It Construction designs spaces that resonate with every family member.

Detached Room Additions & Garages

Venturing beyond the main structure? Build It Construction specializes in crafting exceptional detached additions and garages. Whether you’re envisioning an art studio, a modern workspace, or a secure garage, trust our room addition contractors to design and build a space that seamlessly integrates with your property, enhancing both functionality and curb appeal.

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Build the home you've always wanted

Built It understands how hectic life can be. Your home may not be able to keep up with the pace of life. When that happens, it’s time to call the team to help you build exactly what you want. No matter how big or small the job is, our licensed contractors can handle it. We offer more than just remodeling services.

Construction of a New Home

Home Inspections

Damage restoration & repair

Garage conversions

Compliance with efficiency & city ordinances

We are a top-rated room additions contractor serving San Diego Area. Call us at 619-889-9919 / 619-442-9021 or set up your free appointment online today!